Welcome Back CHUSD Team!

Hello and Happy New School Year! I hope you had a wonderful summer and are energized and ready for an awesome new year!

We’ll all be together on Tuesday August 7th at CHS in the auditorium.  Classified and Certificated staff will be together for training all day.  This will be one of your two training days before school starts.  Your supervisor will give you additional information on any other trainings.  Members of the MOT department are excused from the trainings, as they are doing a super terrific job getting classrooms and buildings ready to open soon!  We’ll have a make up for them when things calm a bit, and for anyone else who may miss the 7th.

We’ll start check in at 7:30, and ask everyone to be seated by 8 so we can start our program.  We’ll have a snack for you at sign-in, which you can pick up and take to your seat.  Sign-in’s will be by site or department, so look for your supervisor or admin so you know where to go!  Please sit with your team members in the theater, so the camaraderie can begin right away!  We have guest presenters, who have timely info ready for you!  The morning will be mandated training on sexual harassment, blood borne pathogens, child abuse reporting etc., and the afternoon will be social media training.  We’ll have a lovely lunch in between!


A heartfelt thank you to all of you who keep our district ticking!  We can’t do what we do for kids without you!

THANK YOU for being a member of the best staff in the valley! YOU are what makes our district a great place for kids.  You do the most important work in the world, and can go home everyday knowing that you make a difference!

I look forward to seeing all of you on the 7th! (If not before!) .

Lori L. Villanueva