From the Desk of the Superintendent
Lori L. Villanueva

This morning just before 8 am, I was contacted by Coalinga Middle School Principal Mrs.
Giffin-Gonzalez regarding a concern brought to her by a student. The student reported
that another student had heard they should not to come to school today because it was
going to be “shot up.” In an abundance of caution the Coalinga Police Department was
contacted to be on site and on alert, and all available District staff were out for the morning
ingress time on both Sunset and Cambridge. Students all arrived safely and classes
began on time.

We immediately began an investigation into the matter, and worked to identify the student
that made the threat. We have an initial name and Coalinga Police Department was
asked to both search the student and go to the home to ensure there were no guns, and
inform the parent of the threat made. At this time, the student does not have any guns,
weapons or firearms, and the parent reported that there are no weapons in the home.
The student did not have any kind of gun or weapon on campus today.

We are working to resolve this situation as soon as possible, and I will let you know as
soon as we have cleared everything up. If you have information you wish to share about
this, please contact my office at 559 935-7500. I ask all of you to be cautious in your use
of social media to avoid creating unnecessary fear or panic.

As a District, we take all threats seriously, and we are working to resolve this as quickly
and safely as possible. We have asked the Police Department to increase patrols around
our schools, and district staff is being vigilant and visible. Some parents are choosing to
pick up their child from school until this is resolved, and we will respect those requests,
although your child will still be responsible for their missed school work. I will update you
as soon as I have additional information.