Press Release
From the Desk of the Superintendent
Lori L. Villanueva

As you may know, there have been posts circulating on the social media platform TikTok that
encourage people to call in safety threats to schools tomorrow, December 17. We are aware of
the situation, and actively monitoring developments related to it, as well as updates from local
law enforcement.

As of today (December 16), our schools have not received any credible threats, and we plan to
have students and staff on campus tomorrow as planned. As is our regular protocol, if there are
any safety concerns, we will work closely with law enforcement to investigate and determine
next steps to keep all students and staff safe.

As you know, the safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority, and we are
grateful for your ongoing partnership in this effort. Please take some time to talk with your
students about the influence of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in
behavior that negatively impacts others. We must take every threat seriously and students who
participate in any threatening behavior will face serious consequences in accordance with our
school policies.

We appreciate your support to keep our campus community safe. Please feel free to reach out
with any questions. If you see or hear something you need to report, call 935-1525 option 2 in
Coalinga, or 945-2241 in Huron to make a confidential report.