From the Desk of the Superintendent
Lori L. Villanueva
January 6, 2022

Greetings CHUSD Families!

Happy New Year!  We are ready to re-open schools next week, and I have a few updates for you.

First, we ask that every family keep your children home if they are sick.  The omicron COVID variant is extremely contagious, and we want to ensure that we keep everyone as healthy as possible so we can keep classrooms and schools open.

Remember, we have a simple form you can use on your phone, and we ask all families to please fill it out every morning to help us keep schools open by limiting exposure to COVID.  We have updated it to reflect omicron symptoms, which look very much like a bad cold.  When we receive your report, we will review it and contact you with instructions.  

Here is the link:

Remember, if your child is positive or ill from something else, contact the school to make arrangements for your child to attend school via zoom if they are feeling well enough to attend.

You may have heard that the State is changing the number of days that someone needs to isolate if they are COVID positive.   We have not officially received direction from Fresno County Department of Public Health to change our procedures yet.   When we do, we will update all of our information for you.  When the new procedures do start, students will be able to return to school after 5 days with evidence of a negative test.  We are still working out how we will achieve this, so stay tuned for more information!

The State is providing a home test kit for every student.  We have only just received our kits and we will make them available to you on request starting on Monday January 10th.  We have one kit per child, and we recommend using the kit to test your child if they are having symptoms. It is NOT required to test before returning to school on Monday, however we do ask that you keep your child home if they are sick.   If you would like to request a kit, please contact your child’s school.  

Due to low vaccination rates in both Huron and Coalinga, families in our district are eligible to order home test kits online from the Fresno County Department of Health.  The website is just being created, and kits will be sent by mail. Here is the link you can use to order kits for your home once the site is operational.   I believe you can order kits every two weeks once it starts.  

At-Home COVID-19 Self-Test

All individuals 5+ are eligible for COVID-19 Vaccinations.

We have worked hard to keep our schools open, and we want to avoid any possible school closures, however, I want to alert you that class or school closures may happen over the next few months.  Classes or schools could close one of two ways- one, if I have too many staff out ill to run schools safely, and two, if I have too many positive cases overall, the Health Department will direct us to close.   If we do need to close, we will immediately go to an online format so we don’t lose instructional days.   Ultimately, if our staff becomes too ill to even provide online instruction, we will possibly close all together for up to 10 days, and look at a need to extend the school year to make up for the days.  This is a worst case scenario that I want to avoidand it is for this reason that I ask all of you to keep your child home if they are ill, so we can keep our staff healthy and avoid closures.  We have temporary online options if your child is sick.

All of that said, we will continue with all of our safety procedures including screening, masking, increased cleaning and disinfection, and special air filters in the classrooms.  Remember that any guests to the sites must also be masked and be screened before entry, including at athletic events.  

Working together, we’ve kept our schools open and we’d like to keep it that way.  We appreciate our partnership with you, and all you do to support your child and the schools.  I hope that your family has been able to stay healthy over the break.  Remember that we have counseling services available for all students, and just give the school a call if there is something we can do to support them. 

We love your kids, and it is our pleasure to be a part of their lives.  Our staff is working hard to provide a great education within all of the pandemic parameters we have to juggle, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.  Let’s have a wonderful rest of our year together!

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