Press Release
From the Desk of the Superintendent
Lori L. Villanueva

February 8, 2022

Today between 3:15 and 3:30, an unidentified man attempted to abduct a Coalinga Middle School student. He approached her across the street from the school and grabbed her wrist tightly. He told her that her mom wanted him to pick her up. The young lady was brilliant and asked a question he was unable to answer, then used a pencil that was in her hand to strike him in the leg. This caused him to let go, and she was able to safely run to her family car parked nearby. The unidentified man then ran to his own car, a “newer, dark red car” and drove away. He is described as tall, 5’10”-6”, dark complected, wearing a grey shirt, grey pants, and a black hoodie.

This incident took place right across the street from the school, just after the student crossed the street via the cross walk, with a teacher serving as the crossing guard. There were a lot of students, staff and adults in the area, so it is concerning that he tried to abduct her in front of so many people at such a busy time right after school.

Kudos to our student, who was quick-thinking, and reacted in a way that got her to safety. We appreciate her family coming back to the school as soon as possible to report it, and to provide us with as many details as possible for the police and for us to watch for.

Our children are precious, and as a community I ask all of you to help us look out for all of our kids. Speak with your child about what to do if they are ever in this kind of situation. Help us by keeping your eyes open as you go to and from school drop off and pickups, and as you go about your day. Please report any suspicious activity to the local police department. I am listing their phone numbers below. If you see a man or car that may match this description, please call 911.

All available staff will be mobilized to provide additional supervision. I ask all of you to please be vigilant, and help us keep all of our students safe.

Please report any information you have to Coalinga Police Department at 559 935-1525, or to the CMS Principal, Mr. Martinez at 559 935-7550. Any information is helpful, and let’s work together to get this person off of our streets.

Coalinga Police Department
559 935-1525

Huron Police Department
559 945-2348