Press Release Update
From the Desk of the Superintendent
Lori L. Villanueva

February 9, 2022

CHUSD Families, please see the Coalinga Police Department press release below.
CHUSD takes all reports seriously, and carefully investigates issues brought to our attention.

At this time, our district investigation is closed as well. 

For Immediate Release:                                    

Date:   February 9, 2022

Prepared By/Contact Person:  Sean Young, Police Commander

 Juvenile Investigations

 On February 8, 2022, the Coalinga Police Department investigated two cases involving juveniles being put at risk.

The first involved a juvenile from the Coalinga Middle School reporting that she had been the victim of an attempted abduction.  The juvenile stated that after school, she was walking to a family members vehicle when an unknown male subject grabbed her arm and said her mother told him to pick her up.  The juvenile said she asked the male subject what her mother’s name was, and he provided a wrong name.  At that time, the male held her arm tighter and would not let her go.  The juvenile said she stabbed the male in the leg with a pencil and fled to her family members vehicle, not mentioning the incident until much later.  During the course of the investigation, several members of the school’s staff were contacted in an attempt to locate any witnesses.  The juvenile was re-interviewed later in the evening in an attempt to locate more witnesses and confessed that she made up the story as a “joke”.  The Police Department would like to thank the staff of the Coalinga-Huron Unified School District for their continued cooperation and commitment to helping keep the students safe for all school sites.  All school staff that were contacted, even late into the evening, were more than willing to assist and provide information without hesitation.

 The second investigation involved a 16-year-old female who was reported missing by her family at about 4:30pm.  The family suspect that she had run off with her 22-year-old boyfriend.  Throughout the investigation, members of the police department were able to locate a license plate for the vehicle they were believed to be in.  Police Officers and Police Technicians worked diligently with other agencies and were able to locate the two at a gas station in the City of Blythe at about 10:30pm.  The juvenile was in good health and turned over to Child Protective Services.