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Department of Transportation Mission

In assisting the CHUSD Superintendent and upholding CHUSD District’s Mission Statement and Goals, CHUSD Department of Transportation employees are driven to do their part in providing our students with the highest degree of safety while riding CHUSD’s school buses. Fulfilling this mission includes an effective, efficient and safe transportation program for all eligible riders.

We will provide a seamless service with the utmost care and diligence while upholding the high standards of the Coalinga-Huron Unified School District; the Transportation Codes of the California Department of Education, California Traffic laws enforced by the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles and abide United States Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

Transportation / Bus Information

CHUSD Transportation Department’s supporting role in the school district is to provide safe, comfortable, reliable and timely student transportation home to school, school to home, and extra-curricular events and activities. It is the primary goal of the school bus driver to provide a transportation environment in which students, staff and parents feel safe and secure.

For those students who ride the bus, the driver and the bus are the first contact with the school district and can set the tone for the school day. This first contact should be a positive experience for both the student and the driver.


CHUSD Department of Transportation Bus Rules

Please note: Students transported by CHUSD Transportation Department are under the authority of the school bus driver and the Coalinga-Huron Unified School District policies.

Buses have cameras to record both video and audio. School administration will review the tapes if a concern arises. Violating bus rules may result in short- or long-term suspension, and families will need to arrange their own transportation.

To promote safety and well-being, Students are expected to follow all bus rules while riding…



  1. Bus riders must be at their assigned stop 5 minutes before the School Bus is scheduled to arrive.
  2. The Bus Driver may assign seats.
  3. Please be courteous to all on the bus.
  4. No profanity or use of words that are not acceptable in the classroom.
  5. Water is allowed on the bus as long as in a self-closing container.
  6. No eating or drinking, other than water, on the bus.
  7. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  8. No drugs, alcohol, tobacco, smoking or vaping of any kind allowed on any CHUSD Buses. No matches, lighters, or flames of any kind may be present on bus.
  9. Keep your hands, head, backpacks and any other item inside the bus windows.
  10. Use of electronic devices is permitted as long as you use earphones. Please keep the volume down and respectful content. See rule #3.
  11. NO GLASS bottles of ANY KIND.
  12. No weapons, ammunition, firearms, knives, switchblades, explosives, etc. of any kind are permitted.
  13. Violence, bullying, disrespecting of fellow students or the driver is prohibited at all times.
  14. For the safety of you, and all who are on the bus, do not distract the driver through misbehavior.

Please note: that riding the CHUSD School Bus is a privilege. If you fail to follow the above rules, ridership maybe revoked.


Bus Disciplinary Action

Parental assistance in discussing appropriate and safe behavior is valued and appreciated. Unfortunately, failure to behave appropriately can result in loss of school bus privileges.

The disciplinary procedure will be as follows:

  1. Student is requested by driver to comply with the rules
  2. Student and driver discuss the problem.
  3. Driver reports misbehavior to the principal and the principal takes one of the following actions:
    1. Principal and student discuss the problem and develop a plan to correct the behavior.
    2. The principal notifies the parents of the problem and of the possibility of forfeiting bus privilege.
    3. Student loses bus privileges for a specified number of days.
    4. Student forfeits bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Bus Rider Tips:

  • The times listed are estimated times
  • Times could change due to traffic, weather, students riding or not riding, etc.
  • Students should be out at their stop five minutes before the scheduled time of bus arrival
  • Because of the variables on each route, there is always a five-minute buffer, before and after the scheduled time, as no bus can be exact every day






Thank you for supporting our mission of transporting CHUSD student to school,
home to school and school activities safely! Let the good times roll.



Transportation Staff

Katie Delano, Director of Transportation

Amy Alvarez, Transportation Operations Assistant

Albert Oliva, Lead Mechanic

Jeremy Diedrick, Mechanic

Daniel Zamudio, Mechanic




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