On June 22 we will be turning off the CHUSD-Staff, CHUSD-Student and CHUSD-Guest wireless networks.  All users will be expected to login to CHUSD-Wireless by using their chusd.org username and password on devices that are assigned to them by the district.  This network has been available for several months for testing and is now available for all staff and students to connect.

We have already prepared all student designated iPads with a pre-configured password so that elementary students will not be required to login using their chusd.org account on a shared iPad.

The Technology Department will be visiting each classroom this summer to configure each Classroom AppleTV and Promethean Computer to connect this new way.

Middle School and High School Students will be expected to login with their chusd.org account.

Guests will be able to connect to this network with a guest username and password that will change often and will be distributed in the same shared google document that has been in use for the CHUSD-Guest network password.

There is a guide on how to login to CHUSD-Wireless using various devices at: https://goo.gl/6G5rwV

We are making this change to improve security as well as improve the quality of our wireless network.  Recent improvements have enabled this change that was not previously possible.