Lori L. Villanueva
September 20, 2021

 I am happy to report that a potential crisis was averted by good citizens who knew when and how to speak up. 

 Early this morning I was notified that the Coalinga Police Department received a tip that a student at Coalinga High School had been making statements about shooting at the school. 

I was in direct contact with the Chief of Police, and the situation was resolved quickly. Unfortunately, a gun was found in the home of the student. It was immediately confiscated and is now in the possession of the Coalinga Police Department. To our knowledge, the gun was never on campus. This morning, out of an abundance of caution, we did ask staff to be alert and aware, and report any information or concerns they had to the administration. Interim Principal Mrs. Diaz and her team did a good job being on top of the situation. 

I ask all of you to please help contain the wildfire of social media. No schools were placed on lockdown, and none are currently on lockdown, as the incident was resolved at the home of the student. There was no gun on campus, and no one was shot. Writing such things on social media causes unnecessary fear and stress for those dealing with a difficult situation. 

I am thankful to the Coalinga Police Department for their swift response in keeping our schools safe, and their direct communication with me. For that we are grateful. 

I am also extremely grateful and thankful to the citizens who reported to us, and allowed us to take action before school started today. 

This incident is still under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to call the Coalinga Police Department at 559-935-1525. 

Here is a link to the PDF Version.