Parents Jump Into English Graduation

Welcome to CHUSD Parent Resources

The Coalinga-Huron Unified School District wishes to provide every parent with the most information possible to help make the educational process as easy and efficient as possible

We also understand that sometimes problems arise either at home or at school that may be affecting your child.  We can help.  Call the school or make an appointment to see a school administrator  We can intervene and offer resources to you and your child.

We can’t help if we don’t know, so reach out and let us know so we can work together to help your child.  Here are the names and numbers of the administrators at each site if you would like to contact them for assistance.  We’re here for you.

Cheney Kindergarten/Bishop Elementary

Rhonda Hendrix

Cheney Office (559) 935-7515
Bishop Office (559) 935-7570

Huron Elementary

Sophie Phin-Rizo

Norma Cruz
Vice Principal/Learning Coordinator

Office (559) 945-2236

Dawson Elementary

Susanna Ramirez

Dawson Office (559) 935-7580

Sunset Elementary

Mary Jo Walker

Sunset Office (559) 935-7590

Alternative Education

Scott Ervin

Office (559) 935-7565

Coalinga Middle

Rhianna Giffin

Steven Martinez
Vice Principal/Learning Coordinator

Office (559) 935-7550

Huron Middle

Francisco Hernandez

Martha Vazquez
Vice Principal/Learning Coordinator

Office (559) 945-2926

Coalinga High

James Stotlar

Choon Chao
Associate Principal

Jonathan Spreng
Associate Principal

Sheila Diaz
Assistant Principal/Dean of Students

Office (559) 935-7520