Superintendent & Cabinet

Lori L. Villanueva

Lori L. Villanueva


The Superintendent’s Office oversees all District schools, programs, departments and operations, as well as all personnel. The Superintendent is responsible for supporting the Governing Board, and for ensuring the district implements board goals, policies and regulations.

The Superintendent’s Cabinet is comprised of the Assistant Superintendent and Directors. This group of administrators is responsible for assisting the Superintendent in addressing the School Board’s goals and assisting the Superintendent in management of the District. Cabinet meets weekly to share information and provide the Superintendent updates and input on all major operational, programmatic and fiscal issues that affect the District.

The Cabinet team is deeply committed to supporting our site leaders and staff to ensure they have what they need to provide excellent direct services to our students.

Johnny Garza

Johnny Garza

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services plays a key role in overseeing and managing various aspects of educational services within a school district. These duties include:

  • Engaging with parents, community members, and other stakeholders to foster positive relationships and gather feedback.

  • Participating in budget planning and resource allocation to support educational programs.

  • Ensuring that educational policies set by the school district or state education department are implemented effectively.

  • Analyzing educational data to assess the effectiveness of programs and make data-driven decisions.

  • Collaborating with other administrators, district leaders, and external partners to create a cohesive and effective educational environment.

Desmond Agbontaen

Desmond Agbontaen

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services provides back-up support to the Superintendent and is responsible for ensuring that the District maintains fiscal solvency, and providing leadership and oversight for facilities, maintenance, operations and transportation, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and nutrition services, including:

  • Preparation and monitoring the District’s budget, providing updates to the School Board and community.

  • Compliance with federal and state purchasing laws and regulations and timely payment to our vendors.

  • Stewardship over the use of bond proceeds, ensuring taxpayer’s funds are spent appropriately, and liaison with Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee.

  • Ensuring facilities are safe and welcoming for students, staff and community.

  • Ensuring that students are provided nutritious breakfast and lunches at no cost to all students.

  • Ensure district and site staff are highly trained in proper business procedures.

  • Manage district payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

  • Serve on the district negotiation team.

Scott Yeager

Scott Yeager

Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for managing a department consisting of a Personnel Technician, Human Resource Specialist, Benefits Technician, and Office Assistant/Sub Caller. The HR department’s mission is to recruit and hire highly qualified classified, certificated and management employees toward a common goal of insuring that all students achieve a high level of educational success. The director oversees employee issues ranging from salary and benefits to professional development. Serve as a liaison to the community for questions and concerns regarding district employees.

  • Serve as the District’s Title IX Coordinator. Facilitate inquiries and complaints regarding gender discrimination and equity issues.

  • Facilitate complaints regarding District potential employee misconduct pursuant to Board Policies.

  • Recruit and hire highly qualified employees for all District positions.

  • Provide professional support for all District departments.

  • Maintain the HR website that includes links to community resources; and employee information such as salary, benefits, and collective bargaining agreements.

  • Liaison to Fresno County Office of Education for legal support and HR best practices.

  • Liaison to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing regarding teacher qualifications.

  • Facilitate professional development and training for all employees.

  • Coordinate with CSEA and CHUTA for the successful implementation of the collective bargaining agreements.


Jennifer Pinto

Director of Special Education

The Office of the Director of Special Education oversees programs that provide assistance to children with special needs. The Director of Special Education ensures that children of all abilities are able to learn based on their own unique set of skills and challenges. Special Education:

  • Strives to partner with our students and parents to design the most successful learning environment for the academic, social, and emotional success of each student.

  • Focuses on enhancing student achievement through implementation of supports for students.

  • Ensures that all students with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education.

  • Emphasizes specially designed instruction and related services to meet their unique needs.


Rhianna Gonzalez

Director of Curriculum and Accountability

The Coalinga-Huron Unified School District’s Curriculum and Accountability Department is devoted to the implementation and evaluation of the district’s instructional programs.  It is the commitment of the department also provide leadership and support to the various curriculum/instruction support departments which address a wide variety of administrative tasks within the context of the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) as follows:

  • Supervise and evaluate the
    district’s curriculum/instructional programs

  • Build
    the capacity of the district staff through Professional Development

  • Provide
    student enrichment and intervention programs

  • Oversee
    testing and assessment

  • Ensure compliance with Federal and
    State accountability systems

  • Support the College and Career Pathways

  • LCAP Plan and Reporting

  • English Learner Program


Martin Culberson, M.S.Ed., MSIT

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation, and management of technology initiatives to support education and administrative functions. These responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing a strategic technology plan that aligns with the district's educational goals and objectives.

  • Overseeing the design, implementation, and maintenance of the district's technology infrastructure.

  • Collaborating with educators to integrate technology into the curriculum effectively.

  • Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data, including student records and other confidential information. Implementing and monitoring cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access.

  • Providing training and professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to enhance their technology skills.

  • Developing and managing the technology budget for the district.

  • Evaluating and selecting hardware and software solutions that meet the district's needs.

  • Providing technical support for students, teachers, and staff.

  • Developing and implementing technology-related policies and procedures.

  • Collaborating with district leadership, administrators, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to ensure that technology initiatives align with the overall goals of the district.

  • Addressing issues related to digital equity and access to technology resources for all students.

Chad Wagner

Chad Wagner

Director of Technology

The Instructional Technology Department supports all the technology in the district for district departments and direct instruction.  We support all campus network communications, student issued technology, classroom technology, computer labs, printing, and phones. We assist in selecting compatible curriculum based applications as well as appropriate solutions for schools, classrooms and departments with their selection of technology.  We pay particular attention to making jobs and processes more efficient.

Christina Kuchman

Christina Kuchman

Director of Nutritional Services

The Food Service Department is pleased to provide nutritious, well balanced meals that meet all standards under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2012 to our students.  Our department strives to serve appetizing meals that help support our students as they learn throughout the day.  Students who are hungry cannot learn, so we strive to provide meals to as many students as possible.

  • Food Services has
    three main cafeterias: Sunset, CHS, HES and four satellite cafeterias; CMS,
    HMS, Cheney, and Bishop. 

  • Food Service prepares
    and serves 600 breakfasts and 2,500 lunches per day. 

  • Food Service employs 27
    awesome staff members.

  • Food Services is now
    with Community Eligibility Provision “CEP” meaning that all students
    in both of our communities eat free.

  • Food Services can
    provide special meals for students with medical dietary needs.


Monique Fraticelli

Director of Transportation Services

In assisting CHUSD Superintendent, Lori Villanueva our transportation employees are driven to provide CHUSD students with the highest degree of safety and service while riding school buses.

Fulfilling this mission includes:

  • Ensuring an effective, efficient and safe transportation program for all eligible riders.

  • Providing seamless service with the utmost care and diligence while upholding the highest standards of the Coalinga-Huron Unified School District.

  • Taking pride in being an integral part of the academic success of CHUSD students, and endeavor to provide a warm welcome in the morning, and a supportive send-off in the afternoon.

  • Affording staff and students safe, clean, reliable transportation.

  • Maintaining the district fleet and buses to the highest standard of safety.

  • Ensuring CHUSD drivers are highly trained.

  • Maintaining required safety and maintenance records.

  • Inspecting charter buses according to California Law.

  • Hosting annual evacuation bus drills on all route buses.


Ranferi Servin

Director of Facilities/M.O. & Projects Manager
Operations and Project Management

The facilities, maintenance and operations department manages all district facilities, buildings and grounds.  Our buildings and grounds represent our learning environment, and the department makes great efforts to ensure our facilities nurture teaching and learning, as well as support extra-curricular activities.  Aside from providing skilled HVAC, electrical and plumbing services, the department takes care of needed repairs, installations and basic maintenance.  The Director also coordinates the work of contractors, bond work, and the numerous entities that interact with plant operations.  This department also includes custodial services to keep our facilities clean and ready for staff and students, grounds keepers to maintain our outdoor learning environments, and office staff to manage the myriad of tasks of one of the largest departments in the district.



Director of Student Services and Family Support

The CHUSD Student Services and Family Support Department is a bridge between home and school.  We are committed to empowering students and families by providing a wide range of services through district supports and community non-profit programming.  Supports include parent complaints, attendance concerns, health services, homeless and foster education services, and community partnerships.

  • Parent Concerns

  • Attendance Program

  • Health Services

  • Homeless Education Services

  • Foster Care Services

  • Community Partnerships

  • Safety

  • Counseling Services

  • Library Services

  • District Registration and Welcome Center

  • Migrant Ed Services



Director of Fiscal Services

The CHUSD Director of Fiscal Services is responsible for overseeing the financial operations and budgetary matters of the district. This role involves tasks such as developing and managing budgets, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies, monitoring expenditures, preparing financial reports, coordinating audits, and providing financial guidance to district administrators and staff. Additionally, the Director of Fiscal Services may also be involved in strategic financial planning, forecasting, and seeking opportunities for cost-saving measures within the district's operations.

  • Developing and managing the district's annual budget.

  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local financial regulations and reporting requirements.

  • Overseeing payroll processing and employee benefits administration.

  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.

  • Preparing financial reports and statements for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Analyzing financial data to inform decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Coordinating and overseeing the annual audit process.

  • Providing financial guidance and support to school administrators and department heads.

  • Implementing and maintaining effective financial controls and procedures.

  • Collaborating with district leadership to develop long-term financial strategies and plans.

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